Last day of the trip

It still felt like the first day. Days go by so quickly when you enjoy it. The last day in Paris. Our plane is scheduled at 3pm. I couldn’t wait to tell my friends about my adventure from Paris. It was 6 when i woke up, it was still quite because it is Saturday. At first we packed our stuff into our luggage so we don’t have to do it later. I showered first because i didn’t want to pack the stuff in. After the long shower i started watching youtube. By then my parents had finished packing. Then we Left the hotel and went around Paris just enjoying the city. We didn’t explore much bit it was quite a cool adventure.




the rest i made up šŸ™‚

Third day

The days went past quickly when you travel. It just felt like a quick blink. This was the last day to go to some huge attraction because tomorrow we head back home. Today i woke up at 7. Mum and dad was waiting for me at the table so we can call the room service to get us breakfast. I told them to choose my menu while i went in to take a shower. After the quick shower, i went to check if breakfast is ready and it was. The delightful smell went in my nose and i raced to the table. I quickly gobbled on my Toast and had some cereal. I was quite full after. Waiting for parents to take showers and stuff was boring so i spent 20 minutes watching the telly. I couldn’t understand anything on the TV because it was in French. So i just went on my phone and watched youtube. Once we were ready, we went downstairs and caught the taxi. Disney land is quite far from the hotel. We went on a motorway to get there. I could see outside the window some cool old looking buildings. That’s something you can’t find in Sydney. Finally we arrived there 41 Minutes later. I was so excited when we arrived. I’ve never been to Disney Land before! There was a huge queue for tickets so buying tickets took us approximately 10 minutes. After that we entered the gate. There was a lot of cool rides you could go on. I couldn’t choose where to start since there were cool stuff all around me. The theme park was divided into 5 different areas. There are Fantasyland, discoveryland, adventureland, frontterland and the main Ā street USA. Ā At first we went on the big thunder mountain. It was pretty cool. Then off to sleeping beauty’s castle. We ventured to many different places. As time past we were feeling hungry, so we went to the food court and ate lunch. I was hungry as usual. I ordered cheeseburger and some fries from McDonalds. After that we went to the famous museum called Louvre Museum. We paid for a tour so we went on the tour. It was quite boring there but the only highlights was mona lisa. After that we were tired because we were out all day. I took a shower and watched youtube until it was dinner time. I ate and slept. One heck of a day.

Second day

The second day in Paris. I started the day early. Some lights were shining, i could see from my bedroom window. Tick tick tick goes the clock. I got out of my bed and went to the balcony. The lights of the Eiffel tower was shining bright. I realized that was the lights that i saw from my room. One word to describe it. Beautiful. My mum saw me on the balcony. She asked me why i was up so early. We had breakfast 2 hours later. We had chicken burger and Coke as the drink. After that we prepared our stuff that we are going to bring when we leave the hotel. The place that we went to was called ‘Arc the triomphe’, a famous landmark in Paris. It was quite far if we walk so we decided to catch the metro from Trocadero. It was the Metro Line 6. 1 ticket cost 1.70 pounds. We rode and stopped in the next 3 stops called Charles de gaulle. It was located right under arc de triomphe. It’s a really nice looking arch. There were roads circling around it. It’s like a roundabout. After that we went on top of it. It was really nice from the top. We could see the Eiffel tower. We had lunch and coffee at the cafe nearby. We finished eating lunch and after that we headed to a cool bridge calledĀ Pont Alexandre III. It was dusk so the lights was on. I could see the boats on the river with bright lights. On the bridge, there were lights on both sides. We took photos and then we headed back to the hotel. The day was quite fun. I took another shower when we got back to the hotel because it was hot. Then we had Lobster dinner at the restaurant downstairs. I watched a little bit of telly and went to sleep.

First day in Paris

We arrived in Paris, our legs sore from the long journey. We arrived the next day. It took us 21 hours to arrive there. We also had to catch another plane from Singapore, there is no direct flight to Paris. It was really late at night. I was really sleepy because i couldn’t get a good sleep on the plane. It was 2 AM. We caught the taxi and went to our hotel. Oh yeah, we already booked the hotel 4 weeks before the vacation so it was well planned. The hotel was nice. It was called ShangRi-La Hotel. It’s a 5 star hotel. We arrived in our room and i just went to bed. My parents told me to unpack our toothbrush and some clothes but i couldn’t be bothered. 6 hours passed as i woke up out of my sweet sleep. My parents was still asleep, they are probably really tired and sound asleep and couldn’t hear me open the balcony. It was quite a view outside. I could see the Eiffel tower. It looked so huge. Trust me, it’s majestic. My hotel was just across the river from the Eiffel tower. 30 Minutes later we had breakfast. I ate fast because i was really hungry. We had showers and then we were set to go.The weather was perfect to go sightseeing. Walking there was entertaining because Sydney is nothing like this. There was something cool near our hotel called the Trocadero. We could see the Eiffel tower clearly. It was beautiful. There were fountains and gardens there. I really liked the fountains because they are just really cool and i don’t get to see a lot of fountains in Sydney. An hour passed and we crossed the bridge and we headed to Eiffel tower. We had to pay to get up the Eiffel tower so we did. There was nothing to loose. It was amazing from the top. I could see pretty much all of Paris. We only had 30 minutes to stay on top so we took some cool pictures. My dad brouhgt his camera setup so he got some amazing shots on the Eiffel tower. I uploaded some pictures on instagram too so my friends could see that i was on top of the tower. After that we had some lunch atĀ CafĆ© Constant. It was a nice cafe located near the Eiffel tower so we didn’t walk that much of a distance. I ordered beef croissant and smoothies. I really liked it. After that we went home and we decided to call it an early day and went to sleep early because everyone was tired from the long journey.

The Journey

I woke up that day with a smile. I knew that something was awaiting for me beĀ discovered. It was early in the morning. I could tell by the city lights shining bright outside the window. Stayed in my bed for a little bit. The door creaked as i exited the room. Both mum and dad was already awake and was packing some final stuff that needs to be brought to Paris. I looked at the clock in the living room and it was 5 AM. They told me to take a quick shower, so i did. I turned on the hot water. It felt cold even though it was warm. Maybe it’s because i’ve never showered that early before. After i finished, i dried myself with my towel. As soon as i exit the bathroom, Ā a strong scent going in my nose. My dad told me that breakfast is ready. NothingĀ felt better than ramen for breakfast. I slurped the noodles quickly. A shiny bright light attacked me through the window. It was the sun. I checked the clock again and it was 6. Mum told me that we are leaving soon so i turned off the telly and we headed to Paris. We caught the taxi to the airport. The morning breeze devoured me as i opened the taxi window. We arrived at the airport and had to check in and stuff. It was boring so i just played Clash of clans on my phone until we were ready to board the plane. The plane was amazing. We chose the business class on the Singapore Airlines. It had large gaps between seats so it was comfortable for our legs.